Electronic Component Sourcing

Whether one-off purchase or scheduled order, we supply electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components, parts and accessories, current or obsolete, from manufacturers.

Whether you are looking to locate stock of difficult to find components or simply attempting to reduce your components costs, our sourcing team are the reliable partner you need to safely negotiate the pitfalls of leveraging component inventory.
DDZ Technologies
Have established a collaboration agreement with different locally owned businesses, each with their own expertise in a given field. By doing this, we can provide a complete solution to a customer, and act as a “one-stop provider” for both products and services.

Sourcing & Procuring of Components

All sourcing, procurement of parts and components for your products can be done by us.

Other Services Offered

PCB Assembly
Assembly of all types of PCB, prototypes to production runs. There are two ways of doing assembly: automated assembly and conventional assembly. DDZ Technologies is proud to announce that we now do PCB assembly in both conventional and automated methods in house.
Testing of the Final Product
Testing of a completed product, to ensure that it is fit for the purpose it is developed and manufactured for, ensuring that it is ready to be delivered to your client. Quality assurance is a high priority and is performed by inspecting and testing every product manufactured. Should it be required, test results can be supplied.
Mechanical Assembly
Development and manufacturing of custom-made solutions for specialized products.

Who Do We Service?

Our clients range from industries such as the Health Profession to Farming, Rail, Mining and Security, just to name a few.

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