Do You Need PCB Assembly Services?

Our PCB assembly services go above and beyond what the average assembly PCB company will do. We offer assembly of all types of PCB, prototypes to production runs. There are two ways of doing assembly: automated assembly and conventional assembly. DDZ Technologies is proud to announce that we now do PCB assembly in both conventional and automated methods in house.

Types for assembly for PCB Assembly

  • FR4 Rigid Board
  • Aluminium Board
  • Flex Board
  • Rigid - Flex Board

Benefits of Using a PCB Assembly Service

Lower Overall Cost

Using automated PCB assembly means that you can expect lower overall costs.

Reduces Human Error

The process of printed circuit board assembly is a delicate task and can often be very difficult. The assembly of circuit boards requires great attention to detail. With circuit boards and components getting smaller, all of the parts must be soldered correctly in order to avoid errors.

Shortened Product Development Cycle

The time invested into hand-assembly can vary depending on the circuit board which produces inconsistent time frames for completion. Hand-assembled PCBs can take longer to develop which may be counter-productive if you have several other operations that you could be completed at the same time.

Consistent Quality

As an automated machine is designed and programmed to perform the same task repetitively, the accuracy and quality of circuit boards can be better and more consistent than hand-assembly.

Suitable for Mass Production

Assembly automation can reduce the production time and costs of printed circuit boards, which allows PCBs to be created at higher volumes. If you require mass production of PCBs, automated services are much more effective at delivering timely and consistent boards whilst remaining cost-effective when compared to hand-assembly.